Thankyou for checking out my work, it is so great to have you here!

So I get to tell you a little about me and my approach in this section so lets get started with a few little things...
I LOVE to draw! I am a keen tattoo collector and have a complete love for animals- the more pets at weddings the better! 

I have just entered my 10th year of Wedding Photography. 10 years that seem to have gone in a blink of an eye. As I approached the end of my Fine Art Degree it was clear that digital media was my focus. I expressed myself through my photography and I was keen to share the results with others. Once learning how Wedding Photography had evolved to something much more documentary in the year 2013 I was keen to be apart of it!

Fast forward to 2023 It has been a pleasure to have documented over 200 beautiful wedding days and gift my clients with images that show the true authenticity of their celebrations.

​My approach is simple. I am a really easy going person and very relaxed, which is just how I want you to feel on your wedding day. I never want to be that photographer that dictates your day, but the one that subtly snaps away and joins in with all of the fun and the laughter. I work with you to make sure that we achieve results that we are both proud of- offering advice and guidance throughout your wedding planning journey.

If you think that I might be the photographer for you then don't be afraid to get in touch! I always love to catch up and chat about the plans for your day- over coffee of course!

I look forward to meeting you all 

hello. I'm SaraH


Sarah x

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Choosing you Wedding Photographer is a pretty big task. You want someone that you feel 100% comfortable with. 
So lets catch up beforehand!
Whether that be over coffee, zoom or you can go the whole hog and schedule a pre wedding session with me.

There is nothing better than being photographed by a friendly face that is there to support you.

And that's me!

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